November 18, 2020

Cameron & Sahana

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Trends can be influenced by lots of things. The traditional white wedding dress was made popular by Queen Victoria, and to this day celebrities continue to inspire styles and fads in the wedding industry. So it wouldn’t be a stretch to presume something as impactful as, hey, a global pandemic, might have a lasting impression on the wedding landscape. Micro-weddings and elopements forced by restrictions will inspire couples wedding planning for the next couple years at least, and I predict we’ll find more and more couples choosing small intimate gatherings over lavish parties even after covid-19 blows over.

Reducing your guest list opens up the opportunity to be more creative with your venue, as you’re not confined to only wedding venues with large capacities. You can travel further afield, perhaps even opt for a destination wedding as its only your closest friends and family. You can search elsewhere, for instance Airbnbs, restaurants and bars, to find the perfect backdrop for your day.

This private residence in Chalford works well as a wedding venue option for smaller guestlists, with a combination of elegant interiors and an extensive garden. Hand painted wallpaper, detailed plasterwork and a statement staircase are just a few of the details that contribute to a high end space to celebrate with your nearest and dearest. On a hot day, there’s then even the option for a dip in the pool… who’s up for jumping in still wearing their wedding dress?

Of course the trend of Airbnb weddings has been bubbling away for years, especially with the more budget savvy brides and grooms, but it’s bound to increase in popularity.

With many couples choosing low key affairs now with view of another big celebration later on, the pandemic is bound to inspire another existing trend. Multiple outfits!

Scroll down through Cameron & Sahana’s lovely shoot for inspiration.

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    They should have their own model couple page!

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