August 5, 2020

Sophia & Toby

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A traditional church wedding, with a post-covid reception outdoors in a pretty walled garden. There were months of uncertainty as to whether this day would even happen, with Sophia & Toby holding onto the hope that the ban on weddings would be lifted by July, and how blessed we were that patiently waiting paid off! This was also my first wedding back since lockdown, and what a fantastic wedding to start with. Two people, totally in love and perfectly matched, who just wanted to be married! Of course as a post-covid wedding, there were compromises that had to made, but overall and with all things considered, it was a wonderful day.

The wedding was lived streamed to guests all over the world, with even the Groom’s parents unable to attend due to travel restrictions… but they still made their vows and committed to their happily ever after! Sophia & Toby also decided to book a videographer, so that the guests who couldn’t be there would at least be able to see the wedding video (scroll down to the bottom for the teaser). The fact that important guests were missing the wedding put added pressure to capture the day, as the photos, wedding video and live stream were all they had to feel involved. The guest list was also far smaller than originally intended, so there were some friends and family who would have loved to have celebrated with them, had the numbers not been restricted to a maximum 30.

Sophia & Toby’s wedding was a masterclass in DIY, with the bride creatively using her lockdown hobby of drying flowers to decorate the venue (inspired by little designs she spotted on Pinterest). Then the mother of the bride not only made all 4 bridesmaid dresses, but the wedding dress as well! Guests also pitched in, with homemade chicken pies and potato salads for food. Altogether, all these touches made it feel all the more intimate and personal.

About the couple

  • Sophia and Toby matched on a Christian dating app, Crosspaths (so for those doubters among you, online dating works)!
  • Toby proposed to Sophia on a holiday with his family in Naples, underwater! As his family were unable to attend the wedding, it’s extra special that they were able to be present for the proposal.
  • They are both Architects in London
  • Sophia’s favourite colour is yellow, as I’m sure you can tell from their colour scheme!
  • They are both keen travellers, with Sophia growing up in Cameroon and Toby living in New Zealand. For their honeymoon they chose one of my bucket list locations Cappadocia, Turkey!

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