May 26, 2020

Top Tips For Bridal Prep

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Where to start? There are so many incredible photo opportunities during bridal prep, and they’re so easy to miss without careful consideration beforehand! But don’t stress! You’re in safe hands and I’ll talk you through all the moments you need to plan for and how to get the optimal preparation photos you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s the morning of your wedding. The anticipation is palpable. Your bridesmaids are getting dolled up. You’re praying you don’t trip during your big entrance. You’re going through your vows in your head. Heck, all sorts are going through your head… it’s your wedding day!

So, first things first!

  • Think about who needs to be in the room with you. There are so many factors you need to consider when deciding how many people to have with you. The size of the room is a big one! You don’t want it too overcrowded but it’s nice to have the excitement that comes with bustling bridesmaids. At the same time, surprisingly sometimes brides can feel overwhelmed with too many people surrounding them. If the atmosphere is becoming stressful or claustrophobic, don’t be afraid to clear the room.
  • Make sure your make-up artist positions you near a window for the best possible natural light. Bad lighting will seriously compromise your photos and the great part of bridal prep is having the flexibility to choose and set up shots.
  • If possible/within budget, choose the room you get ready in carefully! A nice hotel room can make a huge difference to photos. A large room is essential if you want your bridal party with you, with lots of natural light!
  • Keep the room tidy!! Nothing ruins the aesthetics more than bridesmaids’ suitcases open and overflowing, so give your bridal party a pep talk beforehand to ensure they are constantly tidying up after themselves. It’s so easy for the room to end up looking like a bombshell has hit it!
  • Matching pjs, or lovely dressing gowns will make for more polished and stylish bridal prep photos.
  • Hold off getting into your dresses until everybody has had their hair and make up done. That way we can take bridal party photos in your matching pjs/ dressing gowns.
  • Consider whether the ‘bridesmaids first look’ is something you’d like to do. How it works is you get in your dress without the other bridesmaids present, and then do the big reveal. Clearing the room while you get into your dress will give you (the bride) a much needed moment of peace, and the added drama is definitely fun to capture! The reaction shots are priceless.
  • Bring along your wedding stationary (save the dates, invites etc) for flat-lays. You’ve spent money on all these beautiful wedding details, you’ll want them captured!
  • Leave time for some bridal portraits. Imagine being calm and composed, and looking pristine! Who needs to feel rushed, and stressed! Scheduling in a moment for bridal portraits provides the perfect buffer for if you’re running late.

We’ll talk before the day (of course) and we can discuss all the above!

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